Our Approach

Hopeful Hearts is a non-profit charity run by local Chinese and expatriate volunteers. Our aim is to raise awareness and funds in order to provide life saving heart surgeries for children of low income Chinese families.

The charity was created in 2003 in Nanjing and we now have additional teams in Chengdu (created in 2009) and Guangzhou (created in 2012).



Our Story

How we started 成立

In November 2002, two ladies in Nanjing found an abandoned baby on the side of the road. They named him “Loetje”. Sadly he did not survive due to a heart defect. Hopeful Hearts was founded in his memory.


Our Story 我们的故事

We currently have partnerships and receive cases from the Women and Children’s Hospital, Guangdong and the Guangdong General Hospital, both specialists in cardiac surgery.

Many of the cases we receive are critical by the time they reach us and surgery is often arranged within a matter of days. We see and hear many moving stories of families in need, without work, with multiple health issues or disabilities in the family, often in debt that will take a lifetime to repay. The families are desperate to save their children but have nowhere else to turn.

This is where we can make a real difference.



Incoporation with Amity Foundation 爱德基金会

Hopeful Hearts is legally incorporated under the umbrella of the Amity Foundation. They manage our bank account, ensure legal compliance and interface with our partner hospitals.

96% of all funds raised is used solely for the medical costs of the children supported. Only 4% is used to cover administration costs by the Amity Foundation.